Be a part of suicide awareness in your community

esuicideTALK is a 1-2 hour exploration in suicide awareness intended for all members of a community ages 15 and up. Organized around the question, "Should we talk about suicide?" This program provides a structure in which session members can safely explore attitudes about suicide, and encourages every member to find a part that they can play in preventing suicide.

For a better understanding of esuicideTALK, participants should be 15 years old and older.

For Participants

esuicideTALK is designed to suit your schedule and lifestyle. You can take esuicideTALK on a personal computer, Windows or MacIntosh, using one of the following web browsers: Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 8 and above, Chrome 15, Safari 5.1.2

For Organizations

You can now offer suicide awareness within your organization through this e-learning platform. esuicideTALK is a short community-oriented program exploring issues in and attitudes toward suicide prevention.

The program is designed to play a role in mobilizing session members’ resolve to work toward the creation of suicide-safer communities. As a first step toward greater involvement, the program invites session members to explore attitudes about suicide.

Organizations such as schools, clinics, police and fire departments can register for bulk licenses of esuicideTALK that can then be distributed to employees, partners and contractors to make them aware of suicide in the community. Participants can take esuicideTALK at their convenience through their computers, as long as they have Internet connections.